Monday, October 29, 2007


playing on the computer. now anyone can put things on the internet. oh, wait, that was most of the time. but now I have to post stuff on the internet. oh, and a plug for my DA, because i have a shot of it. I've been making a lot of "Scanner Art" so look at it. you know you want to.


Natalia Anne DeLong said...

whats you DA name mine is QuirkyCutey7

umm add me! :P

Anonymous said...

video tape yourself playing a cool game on the computer!

Ken said...

Real college student life is like this...I think its neat.

And to answer your question to mine, the game was Clive Barker's's terrible. I was doing single player so they didn't shoot back.

Melissa said...

There is something quite surreal about watching this on the computer.

Melissa said...

Where's this weeks vj?

Please bring your vid cam to class today - spread the word ...we have a surprise guest.